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# Entering passwords

In Dragon Arena, select 1P vs. Com and choose your fighter. When selecting your opponent, press R1 + Start to enter the password. Enter it "as is", keeping the correct upper and lower case characters. You can also use the character yourself if you do 1P vs. 2P in Dragon Arena tap R2 when selecting your fighter.

# Level 99 Goku

Enter "cxgsYD cU-e@M fc-J$( HNMkJt Tcn)yd @?ZntN" as a password.

# Level 60 Vegeta

Enter "oHDskI mRNIqC s)-gG* u%LmLN TnvNlG k+PnbF" as a password. -From:

# Bonus items

Have a saved game from Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 2 on your memory card to get a Silver Membership Card, Babidi's Pot, and Bardock.

# Control loading screen

Rotate the Analogs-sticks to make the Saibamen grow. Note: If you go into the Dragon Arena, start a match, then remove the game disc and choose "Reselect characters", you will get stuck and be at a perpetual loading screen, where you can make hundreds of Saibamen appear.

# Skip credits

At the credits screen, press L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 + Start. After you complete Dragon Universe mode with any character once, press X or Start.

# Alternate stage

When selecting a stage, instead of pressing X, press Circle. The stage will look as if a devastating move had been used (Super Spirit Bomb, Big Bang attack etc.). Note: This cannot use with Inside Buu, Supreme Kai's World, or the World Tournament stages.

# Alternate costumes

At the selection screen, press Left when choosing a character.

# Additional difficulty settings

Successfully complete Dragon Universe mode on the very hard difficulty setting to unlock difficulty Z. Successfully complete Dragon Universe mode on difficulty Z to unlock difficulty Z2. Successfully complete Dragon Universe mode on difficulty Z2 to unlock difficulty Z3. Successfully complete Dragon Universe mode on difficulty Z3 to unlock a trophy. Note: For faster completion of the Z modes, use characters that have a short Dragon Universe mode. This will also get your character some more levels. However, it will be difficult to defeat enemies on Z2 and Z3.

# Dragon Arena

Successfully complete Dragon Universe mode with all characters except for Broly: Krillin, Piccolo, Tien, Vegeta, Yamcha, Goku, Gohan, Teen Gohan, Kid Gohan, and Uub to unlock the Dragon Arena.

# Adept World Tournament

You can buy the Adept World Tournament it consists of four rounds and sixteen people. For winning, you will receive 30,000 Zenie. You will get 15,000 Zenie for being the runner up.

# Advanced World Tournament

You can buy the Advanced World Tournament it consists of five rounds and a thirty two contestants. For winning, you will receive 50,000 Zenie. For being a runner up, you will get 25,000 Zenie.

# Grandpa Gohan's House

Play as Kid Gohan in Dragon Universe mode, the second time through. Instead of fighting Piccolo in the Mountains, go to Grandpa Gohan's House and defeat Goku to unlock Grandpa Gohan's House.

# Cell Games Tournament

Defeat Cell when he appears in the Dragon Arena matches to unlock the Cell Games Tournament. Additionally, before you fight Cell, go east to the second part of the continent. Look around and you should see a "?". Go over to it and you can fight Cooler there.

# Android 16

You must first complete Krillin's Dragon Universe mode once. Start Krillin's Dragon Universe mode a second time. During the Namek Saga, there will be a point where two red markers will be available on your map. Go to the easternmost marker to start a conversation with the Captain Ginyu frog (a frog containing Captain Ginyu's consciousness). After the scene, proceed through Dragon Universe mode as usual. You will reach the Android Saga as a new feature to play Krillin's Dragon Universe mode a second time. During this Saga, search the chain of islands on the southern portion of the map. You will find a "plains" area. Once there, Krillin and Trunks will find a damaged Android 16. After the scene, fly to West City where Bulma will repair Android 16, and he will be unlocked.

# Android 17

Defeat Android 17 with Piccolo in Dragon Universe mode to unlock Android 17.

# Android 18

Successfully complete Dragon Universe with Krillin to unlock Android 18.

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